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Import export trading

Y. Metselaar import export trading focuses on making high quality food and associated products available to customers in countries outside of Europe.


Our strength...

Our strength is as an intermediary, when our clients do not have the ability to establish contacts with Dutch and other Western-European companies to buy food products and machines. We buy the products for you and deliver them wherever needed.


Because of our long history, large network of contacts and well-known name, we are able to get products delivered that normally are out of your reach.

Because of our lean company setup, we are the most cost-efficient and competitive way for you to buy your wanted products. Low overhead and quick communication are key factors in ensuring the best products for the best price.

As the Netherlands has some of the strongest maritime hubs and shipping companies in the world, we are able to ship your wanted products quickly, affordable and with the highest levels of service and care.

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Metselaar Franeker Import Export Trading.

Enabling quality food products and machinery for all countries.

metselaar import export Franeker


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